FEB 20-27: 24 hours to complete a daunting task

That was our first one in January.

And you can now sign up for the second one in the week of 20-27 February, 2021.

Join the #24LETSGO movement. You know you want to.


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    We challenge YOU!

    Have this thing you’ve been meaning to do, but you’ve been putting it off?

    👉🏻Been meaning to paint that painting?

    👉🏻Been meaning to organise all your family photos?

    👉🏻Been meaning to learn Swahili?

    👉🏻Been meaning to set up that online business?

    👉🏻Been meaning to write that book?

    Whatever it is, we all have things we have been wanting to do forever, but just haven’t gotten started.

    Why not?

    • Maybe you aren’t clear about your goal.
    • Maybe the task is too big and daunting.
    • Maybe you’re just another procrastinator.
    • Or maybe you don’t know how to start.

    The reasons don’t really matter; just bloody get started.

    Jamie Dixon said it took him 6 years to write his first book. 6 months to write the second. So for his third one, he told himself: “In January, I am going to write a book in 24 hours!” 🤩

    As Joeri is always up for a challenge, he decided to pile on and create sales funnel and learning platform around his video-making course in 24 hours.

    We were joined by a team of action heroes who took on all kinds of tasks, from clearing out the house, to digitising physical materials, to reading three books, to starting a brand new blog.

    If we can do that, what do you think you could do with 24 hours?

    So in February, it's time for 24LETSGO Part Deux:
    another 24 hours to get a big task done!

    We will start our 24 hours challenge on Wednesday 24 February, but feel free to pick any other day that week.

    Once the 24 hours are up, we'll host a chat around how it went, what we achieved and what we learned.

    If you want to join for that chat, make sure you register HERE.

    clear hour glass with red background
    24 hours to get a BIG project done!

    You game?